Using Levels of Analysis to Understand the Influence of Violent Media on Aggression

| February 12, 2014

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This ‘Literature Report’ is so named because you are required to address the topic through understanding the prescribed readings (literature). You are to use the prescribed readings and only the prescribed readings. It is therefore a ‘report’ of these readings. An ‘essay with headings’ is also an apt description. An ‘essay with headings’ means avoiding dot points, tables, figures and other lists. and it’s 1000 words so please try to with 1000 words in this report.
I will upload the structure of this essay and the reading list that i want you to read it and use it in this report and so please see the structure and follow it.
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Compare and Contrast between the media censorship in the United States and Kuwait
Assignments questions for course (Introduction to Mass Media 110 01)


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