Using examples discuss to what extent should documentary makers have a duty of care toward their subjects and, if necessary should they withhold certain scenes or information in order to protect them?

| April 23, 2014

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Have you formed an argument directly related to the question or essay title?
Have you referenced a suitable range of sources?
Is your analysis balanced and containing more than one point of view?
Have you analysed an appropriate number of themes that relate to the essay?
Have you correctly referenced your sources?
Is your bibliography correctly presented and of an appropriate length?
Have you included a clear introduction, themed paragraphs and a conclusion?
I am not a native speaker so please don’t write like I am English, but still it can be good. Also can you please give few examples about really good documentaries and make sure that you write their names.Thank you.
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Recent/ contemporary synergies between film and television
What might the theme of Vonegut's Slaughter House Five be?

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