Using a range of examples, evaluate the claim that cognitive biases can negatively impact on policy decisions

| February 16, 2014

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would like to focus using primary literature but for introduction could use BBC news like British petroleum disaster discuss a bit of it possible negative impact of cognitive bias in policy decision. further explanation of topic key words will be in the document attached below. since it said use wide range of example would want it to cover on different type of cognitive bias like planning fallacy, positive illusion, etc,? would also want to cover examples from different part of the world like some examples of Europe and some from Asia (preferably)…also want examples from different aspects like environmental, military if possible.
also want to have a paragraph include examples of cognitive bias have no impact or even positive impact on policy decisions (since it says evaluate…)…
just my opinion about the outline..not sure if its the best for this essay…in the lectures, they have also discuss about jury decisions, details please read the attachment with the order
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