Using a Porte's Five Forces Model critically analyse and discuss the effects of the current macro-economic environment on the "Bethesda Blues and Jazz restaurant" operating within the restaurant sector of the Tourism Industry and recommend a 5 year business strategy

| April 29, 2014

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a. The relationship between your organisation and the relevant Tourism industry sector and sub-sector in USA. Make reference to what the organisation can expect if entering the UK market.
b. The business structure and ownership, current and future if it enters the UK market.
c. The competitive market(s) in which the organisation operates with specific attention given to brands, market segments and direct competitors, in USA and UK.
d. Capital structure, financial health and standing of the organisation compared to competitors in USA and UK.
3. Using your knowledge of the Tourism industry sector in which your company is located, apply Porter?s Five Forces Model to identify the potential opportunities and threats faced by the company in fulfilling its objectives.
4. Identify and suggest your expectations of the company?s future strategic direction. Given your understanding of the industry sector provide a 5 year projection and an overview of weather the operation will be successful given the local markets and if it is advisable for the company to expand into the UK market. Highlight which options you feel are the most suitable for your organisations.
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