Using a business of your choice, critically assess the implementation of its transnational strategy and its impact on differing domains of stakeholders

| February 11, 2014

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Part 1. An essay proposal. (300 words, weighted at 10%)
Explain why you intend to write about a particular case study, your own
stance on the issues, what you anticipate your research will reveal, which
domains of stakeholder you intend to examine, some of the core
arguments and counter-arguments, key texts and thinkers that you may
reference, your initial assumptions, and the likely limitations of your essay.
Do use references, even though it is a very short piece of work.
Do not just describe your chosen case study.
Do not use quotes, the word count is too short.
Part 2. An essay, based on your proposal. (2,000 words, weighted at 40% )
Submission date: 13:00, 28th
March 2014
1.Choose the Apple Company as the case study,please.
2.Please do the proposal and the essay separately.(the proposal needs references,too )
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