use "STP" "Branding" theory to analysis ASOS company.

| November 13, 2015

use “STP” “Branding” theory to analysis ASOS company.

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– Please use “STP” “Branding” theory to analysis ASOS company.
– you should examine the organisations success and the key Critical Success Factors. SO why is the organisation successful? You should ask key questions such as:
Who is their target market? What customer need are they addressing? What value is given to customers?
What is their key differentiation/positioning?
Why is this differentiation/positioning successful?
What marketing theory/models could you apply to the discussion?

– The work demonstrates a clear understanding of critical success factors (CSFs) and employs a variety of sources beyond the main textbook to demonstrate what is meant by CSF and their practical implications. There is in-depth analysis and evidence of knowledge and understanding.

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