“Use of Theory to Analyze Your Group Experience”

| May 18, 2015

“Use of Theory to Analyze Your Group Experience”

Paper must be in APA format, including in-text citations, use of external sources (at least 5 supporting articles from well-respected, empirical sources), and a list of references. Papers without external references which are cited in-text, and documented in the reference section will not be graded.

Paper Contents    Points Possible
Discuss: 1 or 2 course topics. Present the topic, explain what it means and why it is important in organizations.    30
Discuss: How was the course topic exhibited in your team. Use examples.    20
Integrate: Did your understanding of this course topic change your behavior or the team’s behavior? How will this impact your work as a manager in the future?    30
Clarity of writing, grammar, word choice, punctuation – extra credit of 5 points if you have worked with the Writing Center, post the final paper online AND submit

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