use of the marketing pricing theory and practice

| October 19, 2015

Topic: Select a service product, physical product or a hybrid product, briefly outline this product, company and market in which the company operates before addressing the following questions in essay format

the following questions are
 What stage of the product lifecycle describes this product? Which of the four main marketing strategies apply here??
 What customer segments does the company target?
 What are the product’s features and benefits? What marketing theory is evident in the way this offer is made?
 What are the company’s pricing strategies? Is this the best use of the marketing pricing theory and practice??
 What promotional strategy does the company use?? How does this emphasis the position of the product? What improvements, if any, can the company make??
 How does the company distribute its products?? What marketing theories are demonstrated through how the company delivers the product to the market?
 Is social responsibility part of the company’s marketing program? If so, in what ways?

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