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| December 21, 2015

┬áDynamic Routing and Name Resolution – Assignment 1

The aim of this assignment is

  • to plan, simulate and implement dynamic routing
  • to plan and implement a small intranet with Internet access
  • to implement appropriate name resolution methods


Supporting Lab

Most of the material for the practical work associated with this assignment is covered in the lab “Introduction to Dynamic Routing and Name Resolution (cisco2901)”. Further practical/simulation work outside the lab should be conducted using Packet Tracer 6.2.0. The lab sheet guides you through the design process and poses questions along the way. You should however use this to form a consistent presentation and report on the material covered, rather than simply responding directly to these questions.


Intranet Design

Construct the network (including RIP routing) using Packet Tracer. Test and verify the functionality of each element.


Intranet/Internet Implementation

Implement your design in the network lab and verify that the network behaviour is consistent with that observed in the Packet Tracer simulations. Ensure that you have captured appropriate evidence in each case.


Name Resolution

You should investigate and report on all the name resolution methods identified and gather evidence to illustrate the correct operation of each method.



Your submission must be in the form of a report (in MS Word or PDF format) that is submitted electronically within Blackboard, together with a fully functioning Packet Tracer simulation file. Your report should include a check list of the Packet Tracer validation and appropriate evidence of the practical operation gathered using eg Wireshark. You should include detailed references to external information sources you have used. You may submit further files eg packet capture if appropriate, but all information should be appropriately identified, analysed and explained within the report. You should zip the files for convenience. Guidance will be given within the assignment section of the Blackboard site for this module. The deadline for submission is Thursday 14th January 2016 at 23:59. After that time the submission facility will be disabled. Feedback will be provided via the Blackboard Gradebook during the week commencing Monday 1st February 2016.


Assessment criteria

Your assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria:


Intranet Design

Correct interpretation of network specification. Packet Tracer simulation of the complete system. All functions verified. RIP routing designs compared.

Intranet/Internet Implementation

Network implemented. Appropriate evidence of correct operation using packet capture software. Evidence of inter-operation between at least 2 benches, all the infrastructure elements and the Internet.

Name Resolution

Evidence of the correct operation of all the name resolution methods


The quality of the submission as a technical report, conveying the information effectively in a professional style.



Detailed marking criteria will be available via SHUSpace.

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