Use of Human Resource Management (HRM) principles, work-life balance theories and models in the analysis of the present and future role of the HRM function in organisations

| May 20, 2015


• The assignment requires the writing of an academic essay
• It must contain an argument that is used as the structuring element of the paper
• The assignment is based on a case study that describes the impact of leadership styles and change management on business activities
• The purpose of the essay is to identify the roles of worklife balance, flexibility in work arrangements and other challenges in managing dynamic organisations.

Case Study (attached): Flexibility and work-life balance: who benefits?

Based on the above mentioned case study, write an essay titled “Work-Life Balance” to critically discuss the following questions:
1. Do you agree with Juliet Bourke that the use of flexibility has moved away from its original paradigms?
2. Critically discuss the implications of excessive working hours on the performance of employees and managers.
3. Analyse ways in which employers could facilitate work-life balance during an economic downturn.

* please write 1000 words with 6 references for each question

* And go through the assignment guideline as there are some tips for answering these 3 questions.

* Read the marking criteria before starting the assignment.

* References cant be more than 5 years.

* kindly don’t exceed the words limit (not more than 3300 words). the expectation of each question is 1000 words.



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