Use 3 articles to respond to the following questions after reading the response to the discussion

| July 19, 2016

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1) select one discussion from our source that was particularly interesting to you relating to chronic health challenges. It may be any discussion started by you or others. Use this discussion to answer questions a, b, c and d below:

  1. a) Review the comments that you have posted from your discussion and identify ideas that are similar and ideas that are differ. (250 words max using 12pt font)
  2. b) Locate 3 additional new resources connected with the discussion topic and identify how these new resources connect with and extend the discussion. (250 words using 12pt font)
  3. c) Discuss and describe insights that surface for you as you consider the different views, theories and perspectives in this discussion. (250 words max using 12pt font)
  4. d) Provide references using APA 6th edition. References are not included in the word count.

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