| April 3, 2019

The USA PATRIOT Act was enacted in response to the September 11, 2001,  attacks on the United States. The act allows law enforcement officials  to listen to phone conversations or view emails to investigate a  potential threat of terrorism. Some believe this power is an invasion of  privacy, especially when the country is not in a heightened state of  security. 

There is a tremendous amount of debate over whether the  USA PATRIOT Act and similar laws should be effective only when the  country is in a heightened state of terrorism alert.

  • Comment on how well the USA Patriot Act balances the  interests of law enforcement versus individual rights to free speech  and privacy. Does the terrorism threat level affect your views? Explain  and give examples where appropriate.
  • Perform a web search to identify a law or  regulation meant to protect against terrorism or similar security  threats in a country other than the U.S. How does this law or regulation  affect individual free speech or privacy when using a phone, sending  e-mails, or surfing the web? Do you think this is appropriate? Explain.

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