| April 21, 2014

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Final Term Paper: For a term paper, you should choose a current issue or controversy that interests you in the area of international business. You can also write on a specific country and study its approach to international business in general and trade investment in particular. The class may also be assigned a specific topic that is relevant and timely for a term paper.
Term papers can be done individually or in groups (maximum of three).
a. All topics must be approved by the instructor in advance. By the second Week of the course, you should submit the topic for approval. Include a list of references and a few lines indicating the scope of the paper.
b. All papers must be typed and double-spaced in proper margins.
c. The suggested length is 8-10 pages, plus sources and bibliography. Any paper exceeding 12 pages of text will be graded on only the first 12 pages.
d. All sources should be duly acknowledged.
e. All papers must contain proper sources.
Paper must be written according to APA style and be carefully referenced. Your abstract will be included in your page count.
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International Law of the Sea / International Law
Following what you have learnt so far, create a story that you think may be used in making a skit which may raise the awareness of this community for their development.


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