Urban Life

| March 18, 2014

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Assignment Task
1. Access the collection of sources related to the theme of ?Urban Life? placed on the VLE, and read these in detail.
2. Choose two articles to read in greater detail to describe and compare.
3. Write a 1,500 word report on the two articles chosen. The title of the report is as follows:
Your essay should have the following structure:
INTRODUCTION ? Explain what you are going to do in the essay and identify the two articles that you have chosen.
MAIN BODY ? Justify why you have chosen these three articles and discuss their similarities and differences.
* Talk about the features of language? formal or informal, academic or journalistic, descriptive or discursive etc.
* Talk about the purpose of the articles? who the intended audiences are, who wrote the articles, and what the main message of each article is.
CONCLUSION: Summarize your essay in one concluding paragraph.
–the referencing should be Harvard referencing style
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Think of a time recently where you were presented with an argument that was intended to change your opinion on something.
Reading reflection essay


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