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| May 20, 2015

How does the concept of “sexual economy” illuminate the commodification of sexual relations and the broader systems of production and exchange in which they are embedded? Discuss with reference to Gaudio’s Allah Made Us and Hunter’s Love in the Time of AIDS.

Please cite from these two books.

Gaudio, Rudolph Pell. 2009. Allah Made Us: Sexual Outlaws in an Islamic African City. Sussex:
Chapter 1-7

Hunter, Mark. 2010. Love in the Time of AIDS: Inequality, Gender, and Rights in South Africa.
Indianapolis: Indiana University Press.
Chapter 1-10

This course explores gender and sexuality in Africa as historically, socially and culturally “constituted” in relation to sexual divisions of labor; local patterns of property ownership and inheritance; the impact of gendered colonial domains; ideologies of blood and commodification, fertility and witchcraft; the ravages of HIV/AIDS; ritual and aesthetics; as well as the moral economies of affect and pleasure. Of the four cases studies, three represent different regions of Nigeria, and one is from South Africa. We will also address discourses of homosexuality in light of the recent persecutions and prosecutions of gays in Africa.

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