Universal Healthcare Coverage Policy

| May 18, 2015

Select a policy issue (Universal Healthcare Coverage Policy), research the issue including policy analysis, plan the policy, and plan a call or meeting with a policymaker for the purpose of presenting the issue, proposing recommendations and asking questions about how change can occur. Reflect on the experience, develop plans for follow-up with the policymaker as needed, and consider ways in which advocacy efforts can continue.
Even with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, it was difficult getting any medical coverage. Millions of American are still under insured or uninsured due to the high cost of health insurance.  Use an Incrementalism model that will  bring the changes gradually without the public feelings of being overwhelmed or confused.

Please Use level 1 heading for Introduction, Key Points, Empirical Evidence and Impact and Importance to Nursing. Please use references no more than 5 years old with DOI. Please CINAHL or EBSCO database if there is no DOI with article (see below for instruction on guidelines and references).

1) Introduction
Introduction clearly introduces your issue (Universal Healthcare Coverage Policy). Concluding statements summarizing content are present, clear, and well written. Why is this issue of particular interest/importance to you and to the profession of nursing?

2) Key Points
Identification of all key points of your policy-priority issue are clearly analyzed and fully articulated. What is the specific problem, including background, surrounding this issue? Is there a need for a new law or campaign related to this issue? How can you find out the current status of this issue? Is there a website (professional organization such as the American Nurses Association or local, state, or federal government) that provides status updates or alerts? Please describe. What level(s) of government does your issue involve (local, state, federal)? What level of government is your immediate target?

3) Empirical Evidence
Empirical evidence supporting your policy- priority issue is clearly critiqued in a comprehensive and accurate manner. What specific supportive evidence do you have for this issue, including evidence and references? You will need to include this in your message/ask/recommendation(s). Review thoughts regarding your chosen policy issue. It is important to analyze your issue thoroughly. Be sure you address the following with evidence and research:
• Context
• Goals/options
• Evaluation of options
• Recommended solutions

4) Impact and Importance to Nursing
Your policy priority issue clearly demonstrates the impact and or importance of your issue to nursing or the intended impact to patient outcomes. Impact to patient outcomes or nursing practice is thoroughly discussed.

APA Format
APA Format: Text, title page, and reference page(s) are completely consistent with APA format 6th edition.
Writing Quality: Paper is appropriate in length. References include a minimum of 5 scholarly references excluding the course text. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are consistent with formal written work.

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