United States, Japan and Korea Security Alliance From 1994 to Present

| February 3, 2014

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Essay Topic: Changes in the United States, Japan, and Korea Security Alliance from 1994 to the Present. Thesis Statement: Make sure there IS a clear thesis statement. Please research the topic and compose a compelling analysis of the issue. This research paper should concentrate on analysis rather than policy prescriptions. The goal of the paper should be a rigorous examination of the causes and effects of important international events, trends, and/or policies. Include an abstract prior to the body of your paper. Be certain to provide complete documentation of the sources of all facts and analysis. DO NOT end a paragraph with a citation. Make sure everything is properly cited and documented, and no plagiarism. Use ONLY primary sources, such as books, electronic databases, journals/articles. I would prefer if 5 of the 8 sources are books! Again, please make sure everything is correct and I need 8 FULL pages, not including the title, reference, or abstract page. I will check in on the assignment in several days just to see the progress on it.
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