United Nations and International Peace

| May 25, 2014

The United Nations peacekeeping process faces many challenges, which has frustrated its efforts since its conception. However, many of these endeavors have succeeded while equally many have failed as evidence by recurrent wars in specific regions, in the world. This paper evaluates the contribution of the United Nations peacekeeping to the maintenance of the international peace and security.

After the end of the cold war, new global challenges faced the United Nations security structure. This security structure had shaken on the edge of collapse on many occasions (Lebovic, 2004). Various humanitarian events including the ethnic killings in the Balkans, political havoc in Caribbean and Central America, and the continent of Africa devastated by war and famine, forced the UN to assume different roles, in active peace operations. The UN and its member countries struggled with difficulties including limited budgets to fund peacekeeping operations, expressed concern new roles, and constrains of the security mechanism for peacekeeping.

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Emerging Standards of Care
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