Unit 5 Assignment

| August 9, 2016

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In this unit, you were introduced to two Riverbend City simulations for you to assess the project as a stand-alone assignment, not as part of the final paper you are developing.


Using the Riverbend City as the case study analysis and peer-reviewed sources you have identified to shape the theoretical and conceptual framework, analyze the effectiveness of the process they are using to solve their problem. How would you define the problem concept and its measurement level? Are the right people represented on the NAC? Is the right data being gathered? How relevant are the data that structure the SAF of the Riverbend City project’s needs-based issues?


Does it appear that the SAF data is being analyzed in the proper way to get at the results needed to develop a realistic list of needs to prioritize? In what ways does the interactive exercise in the Riverbend City simulation contribute to developing a realistic list of the needs-based issues to prioritize? By using any of the variations or combined needs-based analytic tools, assess any potential systemic forces facing the Riverbend City project scenarios to aid in developing a balanced SAF of the Riverbend City’s needs assessment and planning process.


When you are preparing this analysis, think like a consultant who has been asked into the process by one of the NAC stakeholders, either public or private. You want to be objective, constructive, and substantive in your comments. What are they doing well (confirmation and affirmation for them), what areas could use more attention or enhancement (things that could be done better), and what recommendations do you have (fixing things)? Provide a rationale based on the literature for your analysis and recommendations.

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