Unemployment in China amid reforms that were instituted in 1990s

| May 19, 2014

Communist China has a variety of jobs that help to offer human capital to driving the economy forward. China is one of the countries, which performs well in terms of its economic growth and development as depicted or demonstrated through its GDP (Going Global Career & Employment Resource Guide for China 2). This demonstrates that the human capital is competitive to provide skills, knowledge and come up with innovations to drive their economy. Like any other country, securing job in China is not that easy and it requires marketable skills, personal contacts, having a strong command of Chinese language and even sometimes luck. Notwithstanding, networking has become the best form of hunting or looking for a job as it is through these linkages that one is able to come to the vicinity of a prospectus employer. In China, credentials that a person poses are equally important as they facilitate the process of job search. Most of the employers rely on referrals when seeking or recruiting their employees and therefore, for a foreign person looking for a job, snowball of contacts might help to create connections and linkages and hence assist in attaining a job.

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