Understanding Environmental Health

| April 11, 2018

Module 3 Paper.  Construction Site Concerns: It has been reported by many residents and businesses located adjacent to a large new construction area that they are being inundated with dust and exhaust from the heavy equipment working on the site. It has been reported by residents that they are experiencing increased complications related to respiratory irritations, asthma triggers and other health concerns.

o Describe the air quality incident and highlight the unique attributes of this situation and why it is a public health concern. Explain the situational background and why a public health response would be warranted. 

o Describe the potential human health effects of this incident, taking into account the unique environmental health factors that influence exposure. What challenges/barriers can you expect to face given this information?   o Analyze the core public health roles and responsibilities in responding to the event and how local, state and federal public health agencies may work together in controlling the air quality incident. Also, what other resources and/or partnerships may be needed to respond to this incident? 

o Describe the specific public health and community protection procedures that you feel will best protect the community and why?  Make sure to discuss at minimum, incident investigation, exposure assessment, hazard containment, and public information dissemination.  

o Provide a summary/conclusion adequately closing the paper and finalizing your thoughts. 

• Cite the sources within your text and be sure to follow APA format including headings and subheadings. 

• An APA formatted reference list at the end of your paper

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