Under what conditions is it permissible to kill an innocent person? Explain and defend your answer to this question, and then explain what implications it has for the permissibility of waging war.

| May 27, 2014

You should think of the paper as having three sections. In the first you will give a general principle (e.g. a principle for when the government should prevent people from consuming things that they want to consume) and explain/defend that principle. This will include defining any important terms and explaining what the limitations, if any, are on the principle. In the second section of your paper you will give a VALID premise/conclusion format argument that applies your principle to the specific issue mentioned in the prompt (e.g. to the issue of regulation of recreational drug use) and explain your argument. This argument should probably use the principle from the previous section as its first premise. In the third and final section of your paper, you will consider how someone might argue against the argument in the previous section and whether you can defend against the argument or need to modify your principle or your analysis of the issue.

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The Feminization of the Community Corrections Work Force, by Jo G. Holland
Term Paper: Should paramedics be applying erythromycin eye ointment and giving vitamin K to newborns delivered outside of the hospital?

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