UK Share Price Data for Empirical Analysis

| May 19, 2015

In attached excel sheet you find details of 79 IPOs in the UK.
We require in an excel spread sheet the DAILY closing share prices.(TASK A)
Reference Period: 1st of January 1996 – 31st of December 2013
Share prices are to be provided from the first day of the IPO until the final day of the listing.
Some companies might have ceased trading during above period – we nevertheless need the share prices during their active trading period.
For every of the 79 IPOs we require the ‘Issuing Volume” . (TASK B)
The Issuing Entity has to be identified as either a Venture Capital Fund or a Classic Bank. (TASK C)
For every company that ceased trading during the reference period we require the drop out date. (TASK D)
We require the DAILY FTSE Index for the reference period. (TASK E)

Suggested format of the table
FTSE IPO1 (z.B.) IPO2 (z.B.)
Date of Issue 1.1.2012 1.2.2012
Issuing entity
(Venture Capital Fund = 1, classic bank =2) 1 2
Issuing Volume ($$$$) 23456 345678
Drop-Out (active or date) gelistet 12.2014
1.2012 345 34 –
2.2012 346 – 38
3.2012 344 37 39

Finally we require screenshots of the Bloomberg screen, illustrating the download. (TASK F)
The data will likely be so massive that we need to transfer it via a drop box.




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