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UAE-based government companies







Dubai Municipality

The organization is a municipal body with a jurisdiction over the city services as well as upkeep of the facilities in the Emirate of Dubai (United States, 2013). It was founded in 1954, starting its activities with seven employees performing simple tasks such as maintaining the tidiness and hygiene of the city. The first decree that saw the municipality established was on February 1957 where 25 members of the Municipal Council, appointed by the elders of the country and traders with limited powers. The most important responsibility charged to them was to take care of architectural and the health affairs of DM as well as to organize the beautification and construction of the City (United States, 2007).

Additionally, they were they were to provide the government with constructive suggestions. Dubai municipality evolved through a series of stages in the years of its multiplied responsibilities. In 1974, his Highness Sheik bin Mattoon issued a decree to establish the district. In his order, he started to create the new Dubai with the Municipality having pure independent characteristics, powers and morals within the entire Emirates. His tenure saw the municipal council and administration body execute policies and directives in agreement with the decree.

The municipality progressed on development that coincided with the growth of the Emirates, attaining 11,000 employees in six sectors. The areas include international affairs and partnership sector, environment health &safety control, general support industry, planning and engineering sector and the corporate support sector.  For this reason, Dubai Municipality is regarded as one among the largest governmental institutions when it comes to service delivery.

Dubai Municipality has become a safe place of work in the recent years. The organization has become one of the leading government institutions. The agenda of the city is to provide the best possible services to the businesses, the citizens and the residents of Dubai at large (community).  The organization is well known for the intensive use of technology to deliver the services of the government. Most of its employees are keen in participating in the local governance, managing Dubai’s environment as well as making Dubai the best place of work (United States, 2013).

Moreover, Dubai has an online career service that allows people to apply for particular posts whenever vacancies get advertised (United States, 2007). The guide to go with an online application have been explicitly stated. To start with, one is given an opportunity to test his eligibility by accessing the advert for particular posts. The second step is where an applicant checks his/her application status by entering the reference number and then clicking on the “check status button.”

The Dubai Municipality has a vision of creating a “perfect city” which can offer the essence of success and a luxurious living. Moreover, the organization is very instrumental in maintaining the architectural heritage of the Emirates through its numerous projects that aim at reviving cultural landmarks of Dubai. The Municipality was the overall winner of the 2007 public service award organized by the United Nations (United States, 2007). The organizations have also won uncountable awards and honors from Regional Awards Organizations. One such award that Dubai honored with was the famous Arab e-Content 2005(United States, & United States 2006).

Weaknesses of Dubai Municipality

One of the major weaknesses of Dubai organization is health, and safety. Though the issues are being addressed, they have paused great challenge towards the realization of the objectives of the organization (Sonneborn, 2008). Issues like the quality of air, food safety, consumer products, and drinking water have been a high block to the Municipality.

Dubai has held countless meetings in the year 2013 to addressing the issues in vain. However, the assistant director has assured the people of Dubai a change. Among other matters being dealt with in the environmental meetings include the drainage system of the Municipality, the city cleanness, and pest control (United States, 2013).

The organization has been evaluating of all the possible ways to counter the challenges, including the ministry of environment, health, and water from the central government.

Relation with social media

Dubai Municipality utilizes social media as a platform for communication. For instance, on 2014 September, the organization carried out a successful campaign aimed at spreading environmental education and awareness in the social media. The campaign received 86% response online. The organization has a very active Facebook page where daily updates uploads. The customer care team that manage the account attend to some of the issues, complaints and clarifications aired by their clients.

The Municipality has a Twitter account where followers are kept updated. The organization uses its website as a medium of communication and delivery of government service. In the website, there is a description of the company and the service it offers (Sonneborn, 2008). Additionally, every update is posted to keep the public informed. The portal is also a marketing platform where adverts get placed. Vacancies were also placed and applied online through the Municipality website portal.  Other services that the online system offer include the paying of house fees, Dubai water, and Dubai electricity authority.  The Municipality also performs tax collection online as well as contacting their customers. Tenders and trading licenses are availed online.



Dubai Municipality and relation to the consumers and the community

The organization has established a food control department to deal with food traders and consumers. For instance, booklets are given to the food merchants to assist them in understanding the regulations and the guidelines for importing, exporting and consuming food. Through this regulations, the consumers feel on the safe side since the organization has already taken care of cost losses, delays, and food safety.

The Municipality has a reputable relationship with the community around it. There has been a very vibrant commitment by the organization to maintain the environment of the community safe and clean to be. For instance, the Municipality launched a highway roads cleaning program to clean up driveways for users of Dubai roads. The organization has embarked on total cleaning of roads through the bulky waste removal program. A newly introduced e-waste bin program, launched in October 2014, and distributed around Dubai for public use. The e-waste bin makes use of a single stream collection method thus allowing waste management to collect different types of waste through safe collection methods (United States, & United States, 2006).

Dubai has declared a public recycling day as part clean-up campaign since the year 2014. The day aims at educating the public about environmental cleanness. A project by the name “my city my environment” has been launched to create awareness among the public that environmental conservation is a collective activity.

Sharjah Municipality

The Municipality is one of the oldest UAE cities founded in the year 1927. However, a modern system of the city began in 1971 when it became a multiple service provider. A declaration was issued to characterize its space of exercises and award it with forces to do the essential supervision over every open utility (Sonneborn, 2008).

The pronouncement gave SM and in number begin to work towards a humanized and all around created emirate on the monetary and social levels.

The region is an urban body through which administrations and utilities of the emirate’s current society are interceded. Consequently, the part and exercises of the area can’t be completely gritty in this short uncover. SM executes numerous open activities in the emirate of Sharjah consistently, and it has an impressive part in boosting the economy, society, general wellbeing, environment and various different fields in the emirate.

Since its establishment, SM has experienced different stages and saw the fast development of its word related and hierarchical structures, home office, accounting reports and obligations. Sharjah Municipality is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. It is topographically situated at the heart of the nation. Its principal harbor terminals include Kalba, Khorfakkan and Dibba along the east drift of the UAE (Sonneborn, 2008).

The ports attract many nautical vessels rolling in from the Indian Ocean, and its area along the Persian Gulf (United States, 2011). The harbors have pulled in shippers and Bedouins from the desert inside, who ventured out to its souks to exchange flavors, animals and handiworks. Sharjah Municipality solidified its memorable notoriety as one of the Gulf’s courses of business. In 1932, Royal Air Force from UK opened the locale’s first air terminal in the city, to serve as a station for business flights between the UK and India. “Individuals imagine that because our unity as the UAE has lasted for 41 years only with no history past that. However that is not genuine – Sharjah Municipality has dependably been a noteworthy focus,” says Mr. Al Miff.

The weaknesses of SM

Just like Dubai Municipality, environmental concerns are the same issues hindering the growth of SM. Issues like the quality of air, food safety, consumer products, and drinking water have been a high block to the Municipality (Sonneborn, 2008).SM is very committed to address the issues, but no permanent solution yet. Among other matters being handled in the environmental meetings include the drainage system of the SM and city cleanness.

SM online PR with the consumers and the community

SM makes use of social media too, as a platform for communication. Though the media is not as effective as the one employed by the Dubai Municipality, the organization operates Facebook page where daily updates get posted. The customer care team that manage the account attend to some of the issues, complaints and clarifications aired by their clients. SM has a Twitter account where followers are kept updated. Unlike Dubai Municipality, the organization mostly uses its website for delivery of government service. In the website, there is a description of the company and the service it offers (United States, & United States 2006).

There is an e-service portal where all the online services can be found.  The first is an online electronic service management, whose main agenda is consumer protection. For instance, when the rent payment is due, a tenant submits a rent deposit request to the customer service portal at the rental dispute settlement section. The application is further discussed by the judge of rental dispute resolution and approved. The house owner is notified, and the tenant given 15 days for completion of payment (United States, 2011).

Additional, the e-service portal offers a parking management service. Other services performed online include Municipality inspection of services, contracts and procurement services, interaction with the public, environmental services, recruitments and public service.

SM Service to the community

SM has played a significant role in supporting the community. One of the primary tasks was sustaining voluntary work. It has been one the most important dimensions emphasized in the campaigns and SM is keen on the progress and consolidation of this concept since the launch of the environmental campaign in 1994 (United States, 2011). The achieved benefits are a clear indication of the achievements reached by the campaign. Some of the remarkable achievements include high number of participants, expansion of the areas of participation, material and moral support contributed by campaign sponsors. They identify the real significance of sustainability in voluntary work in the Emirates, particularly in the area of environmental action as well as achieving social responsibility towards the safety of the environment.

Clean the world campaign.
The program is a community-based, environmental campaign that deals with inspiring and empowering communities around the globe to fix up, clean up, and conserve their environment. The resulting partnership with the Commonwealth now mobilizes 36 million volunteers from 121 countries annually, forming the community-based environmental campaign with the highest members in the world (United States, & United States, 2006).
Today, the program remains the largest volunteer cleanup campaign in the world. The group has impacted on more and more people becoming aware of the effects of improper waste disposal and seek to trigger long-term changes in attitudes and behavior.

In conclusion, the online PR used by the Dubai Municipality is better and more efficient compared to the one used by SM. Dubai Municipality has all the services it offers placed online. Importantly, the online service has a very active self-care account for consumers and community members to understand services provided by DM in an elaborate manner. Through intensive public involvement in solving the issues affecting DM, solutions are easily Clements, 2010).






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