Twelve Characteristics of Effective Early Childhood Teachers

| September 24, 2015

Twelve Characteristics of Effective Early Childhood Teachers

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I wrote this article review but I have to rewrite it. – This is the article that I reviewed it. Choose onearticle that we have looked at in classand write areviewof this articlewhich includes: 1. An introduction paragraph which states what the article is about. 2. A summary of the main points. This section is to be written in complete sentences (not bullet points), using paragraphs to separate each idea. Subheadings can be used. 3. A conclusion which states why the information in this article would be of interest to an early childhood teacher or a parent of a young child. Additional criteria: • The review should be 750 -1000 words in length (not including references) • Use two other source of information to support your discussion (this can include Te Whariki and other readings from class) • Include a Reference list of at least three references at the end (including the article you are reviewing) using APA 6th ed. referencing style. • You must include in-text citations in your essay to indicate where you found the information. • All quotes must be accurately written and referenced in text including page number. • Assignment must be word-processed, 1.5 spaced, 2.5mm margin and have a Cover Sheet on the front. • Ensure that you have met all the criteria that will be assessed by looking at the assessment marking criteria.

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