Turbo machinery

| May 19, 2015

Describe energy transfer in turbo machines.

State Euler’s Turbine equation and component of energy transfer.

Describe impulse and reaction machines, degree of reaction, efficiency and utilization factor relationship.

Draw and analyze velocity diagrams for different values of degree of reaction, maximum utilization factor, compare energy transfer (when both have same blade speed, same energy transfer and when the absolute velocity at inlet and inlet angle are the same) in axial flow turbines.

Draw and analyze effect of blade angle on energy transfer and degree of reaction, in a general radial flow machine.

Analyze energy transfer and degree of reaction in both axial flow and radial flow power absorbing turbo machines (blowers, compressors and pumps), head capacity (H-Q) curves, radial outward flow devices and types of pump impellers.

Solve problems by drawing velocity triangles


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