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Your paper will be 4 6 pages of written content. If there is extensive dialogue in your case study, you may obtain permission from your instructor for a longer paper if needed. This does not include the title page, illustrations or references. The paper will be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and use the arial font in 12 point.

The title page needs to include your name, the course name and your section, the title of your case study, and the date of submission. Remember, this page does not count toward the page requirement.

You will present the story of your case first. Then, you will address the seven points listed above in the assignment details.

At least one illustration or graphic representation of data needs to be included and cited properly in the paper. Remember, these items do not count toward your page requirement.

References need to be included appropriately in the text and in a literature cited section at the end of the assignment. Remember, the literature cited section does not count toward your page requirement.

Provide the pieces of information in the case that will allow your classmates to make the:


Anatomical diagnosis and state what the possible diagnoses are.

Differential diagnosis and state what the possible diagnoses are.

Epidemiological diagnosis and state what the possible diagnoses are.

Etiological diagnosis and explain 2 diagnostic tests that you would do to eliminate all of the microorganisms on your list except the 1 pathogen that is making your patient sick.

State your Final diagnosis and the scientific name of the microorganism affecting your patient.

Explain which type of microscope and the stains, or other treatments, are needed to visualize the microorganism. Describe in detail what the microorganism will look like under the microscope (shape, staining colors, etc).

State the potential treatments for the infection and explain briefly how these treatments work.

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