Truth in sentencing laws do not deter crime

| January 11, 2016

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#1 Choose one of the following topics to debate:


Truth in sentencing laws deter crime.


Truth in sentencing laws do not deter crime:


A 350-700 words opening arguement for each position for a total of two arguments, include scholarly references supporting you arguments.




Write a 350-700 word rebuttal to your opening arguments. For a total of two rebuttals.


Include a closing statement.


Include a scholrly reference supporting the rebuttal and closing statement.




Consider the following topics when drafting debate arguments and rebuttal.


– Good time and work time credits.


-Requirements for length of time served.


-Effect on crime deterrence and recidivism.


-Differences between federal and state laws.


-Effects if parole is eliminated.


-Effetcs on prision population.


-Combine both arguments into one document and submit the document.


Format to APA guidelines

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