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Write a 3 paragraph, one page reaction paper on the movie TROY.Please use the following format. This is a pass/fail assignment. If you follow these instructions you will pass and get one point, if you do not follow these instructions you will fail and get zero points. Paragraph #1: Identifications Using specific terms, people, places from history (the powerpoints and/or textbook) connect the reading to specific historical developments. This paragraph must have 5-7 specific identifications in complete sentence and paragraph format. Do not write a summary. Paragraph #2: Analysis Analyze the movie for its importance and value. All of these movies are very old story , so why do we still bother to watch them today? What is their value to us? Why are they important? Analyze the reading in paragraph format. Paragraph #3: Reaction What is your opinion of the reading? Did you enjoy reading it? Did you like it? Did it remind of you something/somewhere/someone else? Write a paragraph. please make sure you follow the instructions. paragraph one should contain 5-7 identifications. please use as may history terms as possible.
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Troy is a pleasurable action adventure film that is freely based on the olden Greek epic regarded as the Iliad. The movie feature a mixture of stunning pros, anguishing cons, as well as great and amazing actresses and actors, while some of them take ill-suited roles. The movie also bears the ancient Greek cultural taste, which makes it more enticing to watch. The epic war movie features men in their armors and swords waging war against their adversaries. The film’s genre,,,,……….ORDER NOW…
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World War II through the 1970s
To What Extent Was The New Deal Successful In Solving The Economic Crisis Of The Great Depression?


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