Treaty Reservations

| July 30, 2015
Your goal in this assignment is to discuss the effect of reservations on treaties in
international law. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has addressed the use of
reservations in its 1951 Advisory Opinion on Reservations to the Genocide Convention
and its 1957 ruling on the Norwegian Loans case. Answer the following questions with
respect to these decisions by the ICJ:
1. What advantages does allowing reservations to treaties have? What
2. How has the ICJ invoked the principle of reciprocity with respect to treaty
reservations? Be sure to discuss the two ICJ rulings mentioned above to illustrate
your answer.
3. What did some of the individual or dissenting arguments made in the two rulings
have to say about treaty reservations?
4. Do you agree that countries should be allowed to make reservations to treaties?
Why or why not?

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