Trayvon Martin’s Death Implications on United States of America

| May 19, 2014

The World’s top-notch democracy, United States of America owes the world a sincere apology, from the shooting of a 17-year-old African American Student-Trayvon Martin, by a white male, Zimmerman. In a world earmarked with massive injustices such as crimes against humanity and recurrent cultures of impunity, the shooting of the young African –American in blurred circumstances is a serious loot of human dignity and a breach on fundamental human rights that undermine the moral worth of existence. The U.S coming out as a proper model for democracy leaves room for fine-cut scrutiny as to whether the Gettysburg address lives on in an atmosphere that continues to demonstrate racist tendencies. The death of Trayvon Martin had several implications on the U.S particularly in the area of racial discrimination, harsh laws, hip-hop culture, and gun culture among other factors.

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