| March 23, 2015

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Transcription exercise. Students will be provided with about 30 seconds of a conversation to transcribe. Guidelines for transcription practices and symbols are provided. Follow the ‘Transcription Procedure’ document, which you will find in the assessment folder just after this document, and also refer to the instructions and discussion in class for this assignment.

You should also use the list of criteria below as a guide to what you transcribe.


Assessment Criteria

Accurate transcription of the following features in the transcription:

1 Words

2 Overlap

3 Silences and latches

4 Terminal pitch direction

5 Stress

6 Word shapes, recycled turns, incomplete words, cut-offs

7 Sound stretches

8 Prosodic  features

9 Overall presentation and layout


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Compare and contrast two related texts using relevant techniques of description and analysis
Component of Reading


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