Training Strategies and the Detraining Phenomenon

| July 18, 2016

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Training Strategies and the Detraining Phenomenon – Chapters 7 and 8

Write a brief review discussing each advanced training strategy and discuss how they can be used in a strength and conditioning program. Also, discuss the detraining phenomenon including the types of detraining and the physiological mechanisms and subsequent effects on performance. Choose a total of at least six articles from the selected reading lists on pages 295 and 318 to support your answers.

Students will read all assigned book chapters and select at least the assigned minimum articles from each chapter and write brief reviews using both the information from the book and the selected readings.


Each assignment should consist of:

  1. APA in-text citations and appropriate bibliography.
  2. Academy Title Page (An example title page may be found under the Resources link in the Welcome to the Course module of this course.)
  3. Introduction to the topic(s)
  4. Brief description(s) of the topic(s)
  5. Results of current literature (focus on the articles you selected).
  6. Discussion of the results and how each topic differs and how they can be used (or are related) to strength and conditioning programs. Discuss pros and cons of different techniques, strategies, methods, etc. Why you feel the way you do about each topic.
  7. Conclusions of what appear to be the most logical techniques, strategies, methods, etc. and why. Include your ideas for future research and what you think should be accepted.
  8. Complete reference list including the articles assigned and other supporting literature.

Each brief review article should not exceed 8 pages of text using 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced. Students must demonstrate critical thinking and appropriate interpretation of the data and research presented in the articles. Direct quotes are acceptable but should be limited and should only be used to support a conclusion drawn from your own opinion.

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