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| March 25, 2014

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Tips: We went a theme park in Hong Kong, The name called Noah’s Ark. We did training inside. You can get some information from pictures on the next page
After the experiential training, you will write a 4-page paper on a topic that will be announced in due course. It is worth 15%.
Limit your work to 4 pages. Double-lined spacing; 1-inch margin. Times New Roman/Courier New; Size 12. These rules will be STRICTLY observed, any deviation will constitute heavy penalty on your work.
For those who have attended the Experiential Training yesterday, choose one of the following topics:
1. At the training, we were talking about there was really no need to successfully complete those training activities; in completion will also bring learning. What can be the possible learning? What exactly can a trainer do to help with such learning? You need to be specific and thorough.
2. Story-lines, symbols, or metaphors are frequently used in experiential training. What are their theoretical foundations? Please use one or two activities in our training to illustrate this. You need to be specific and thorough.
3. We have done at least two high-element activities today. Can you construct a two- part story-line/metaphor to link the two activities, on which your trainee can reflect? You need to be specific and thorough.
4. One morning activity yesterday was the MAGIC CUBE. One group had a difficult time with the cube, which kept falling all the time. Handlers of the cube decided to give it a “magic touch” where they were actually holding the cube so that it wouldn’t fall. Now, you were the trainer and how would you debrief with your trainees about this observation. You need to be specific and thorough.
Note: You are reminded of all the requirements stipulated in our Course Outline. Also, please pay attention to the “Guidelines of assigning grades to your written assignment/oral presentation” in our Course Outline.
You should cite appropriate references either from academic sources or professional sources whenever possible.
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