traffic ticket law

| December 14, 2015

Paid ticket for following too close day before court date: no appearance required stated on ticket

The ticket stated as long as the fine was paid prior to court date then I did not need to attend court personally, however, after I paid them this morning it still stated my case was an arraignment and not finished. I called and asked and was told that it would probably update by the end of the day but did not. I was also told that as long as I had the confirmation stating it was paid in full that I was in the clear. The time was for 9 A.M. tomorrow morning, if it hasn’t updated by then will I still have a bench warrant issued on me or my license suspended even though I have proof I paid and was told by whoever answered the phone that I was fine? Also, they did not have the ticket in their system until yesterday afternoon so I didn’t have much time to pay it, hence the late payment.

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traffic ticket law

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