Tracking Your Car Commercialisation Plan

| May 13, 2014

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I want a report of Commercialization Plan about new GPS device set on cars. The idea is about can parents track their children once they start driving cars. As it is important to save them for not driving in dangerous places, they can set an area where the car run but once they exceed this area the car must stop and alert parents when the car get. Moreover, this device can the rental cars company use it on their cars which help them to find their cars when they fell suspicious about the users.
In this report I need cover this points:
1. The idea/concept, and the story behind it
The GPS tracking
2. IP what have you got? (might you have)
3. Market Who? Where? Why?
4. Pathway Which one? Why? What do you
hope to achieve, and when? PROVIDE DETAIL
5. Exit possibilities
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