Track down victimization data and crime data

| February 18, 2014

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I need an essay answering two questions split equally into 4 pages apiece.
Track down victimization data and crime data from at least two different sources for at least ten consecutive years (the years must be the same for both sources). Create a table that includes these statistics. Describe in detail the two sources of data. Compare and contrast the statistics between these two different sources of data. Offer suggestions for why the two sources of data are similar/dissimilar.
The other four pages of the essay needs to address this question:
Select one violent crime. Present the crime/victimization rates for these data for a span of at least twenty years. Include this information in a table. Based on all the theories that you have learned about thus far, offer an explanation for why the crime/victimization rate for this crime has fluctuated the way that it has. In short, based on theory, why did the crime rate have the trend that it did? Be specific and cite empirical research to support your claims.
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