Tourist Abduction in Latin America

| February 10, 2014

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Argument Research Paper
This assignment has two main objectives. The first is to help you develop as a researcher by preparing and writing an argument research paper. This will involve:
• Identifying a single debated issue from a broad subject area (as specified in week 1) after conducting an initial brainstorming session and a literature survey.
• Taking a clear stand on this issue, while identifying the counter-argument/s.
• Checking the research topic for viability, (this includes the production of an annotated working bibliography).
• Constructing a clear, specific and focused research question.
• Conducting research using a range of different sources.
• Keeping accurate records of your research sources and notes which show evidence of your critical analysis and evaluation of these sources.
• Constructing a clear thesis statement.
• Organising, outlining, drafting, revising and editing an academic research paper.
The second objective is to enable you to write objectively and in a reasoned manner about a subject which may be controversial.
Project preparation and research process:
Read through a list of sources relating to migration and tourism (on the list of sources supplied in week 1), and to identify two or three controversial debates arising from this reading which interest you. Research each of these debates in order to make a decision about which one you will choose as your own research topic, and where you stand in the debate. Once you have decided, check your research topic for viability and produce a working bibliography of between six and eight sources. Investigate your research topic in depth, making research notes which record your findings and your critical analysis and evaluation of them. Your paper will grow out of this preparation.
Project instructions:
Select a controversial debate related to your readings on migration and tourism which you, personally engage with. Write an argumentative research paper (ARP) which clearly and persuasively presents your stance. Support your argument using Research, Reason and Rhetoric. The final paper should meet all submission and Harvard citation requirements, and be a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 1700 words in length, excluding the title and References pages. Full details of submission requirements and grading criteria are provided in a separate handout. An incomplete submission will be returned for completion and will therefore be considered late. The final paper is 30% of the final course grade. In order to be awarded a grade for a research paper:
• The instructor must have first seen and responded to all your drafts and other required preparatory work which must meet the required criteria in order to be accepted.
• The drafts and final paper must be submitted to Turnitin.
• You must complete and submit the academic honesty declaration with your final paper.
The final project, including all research and preparation, in a folder, must be given in on session 2 of week 6.
You need to use predominantly academic sources, e.g. from EbscoHost and books and journals in the library. You may also use reputable newspaper and periodical articles e,g. from Lexis-Nexis. Other sources can be included in consultation with the instructor. As a rough guide, aim for between six and eight sources, depending on length and complexity.
Be extremely careful to cite all your sources, and to do all the project work yourself. Do not ask someone else to edit or correct your writing. Unauthorised assistance and editing are considered acts of plagiarism (for a full definition, please refer to your course outline). Plagiarism minimally results in F for the paper and no resubmission. It could result in F for the course.
Assistance: If you need any help, advice or further information about this project, please contact me.. You can also contact the Library Reference Desk or email your library research tutor if you experience problems finding information. The University Writing Center and the Language Workshop are also there to help you.
You will develop this paper in stages over a six week period. Each stage must be completed. For a fuller description of the stages, please refer to the teaching schedule, but the stages include the following:

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Heritage place " Souq Waqif " transforming in to a hub for tourists


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