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| January 9, 2016

Assessment title

Using the case study of Durham City (England) critically evaluate the use of social media and mobile technologies.

Assessment guidance: Your chosen case study is Durham City. Evaluate their current online, social media and mobile technology applications and strategy. You will be able to collect additional data during a field visit to Durham. The main parts of the assignment are the literature review and evaluation. The literature review should evaluate the current theories and studies on social media and mobile technologies in the destination context. The evaluation should suggest improvements for the current strategy based on your primary research, theory and examples of good practice in other urban areas.

Ensure you use academic references within your literature review, and that you add a copy of your collected data in the appendix.

Suggested structure:

Introduction, literature review, case study, discussion & conclusion, references, appendices


(Below are some notes that I took in the class)


  • What is the assignment about
  • Focus In Social Media, don’t need history of E-Tourism

Literature Review: (Around 1500 words)

  • Don’t need history of Internet
  • Focus more to social media destination context
  • Uses of social media (how people/visitor using it during tourist destination),(focus on-business literature like-tourism journal article-more to general information)
  • Must have a connection to our practical-interview)

Case Study (Methodology):

  • Interview
  • Observation

Result and Discussion: (Around 2000 words)

  • Focus more in literature review and result
  • More than a page
  • Link back to literature review


  • Apply some recommendation if you have



  • Interview question & answer

(I will attach another file which is some interview data I’ve collected in Durham)


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