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| February 10, 2014

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The strongest essays have a clear introduction and thesis statement, a clearly organized argument, a strong conclusion, and few if any technical/grammatical errors.
The paper should contain an analysis of the film and response to that film, addressing the following questions:
What is the primary purpose of the film?
What is the problem or question being addressed in the film?
Who is the films intendend audience?
What assumptions do the filmmaker bring to their work?
What argument does the film put forth?
What evidence or details does the film provide in support of the arguement?
Is the film successful? Does it make its case or achieve its purpose?
Can you add anything to the film and its perspective or arguments? Are there things you wish were further addressed or better explained?
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According to Jean Kilbourne, increasingly ads have objectified men as well. How do these male ads differ from the female ones in terms of the way males are depicted and possible stereotypes these ads encourage?


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