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| May 20, 2015

Guidelines for Case Studies
Case studies are learning tools designed to portray a situational analysis opportunity. This allows the student to make a practical application of information gained through the text and any supplemental reading. Students are encouraged to think freely, keeping in mind that case studies frequently have multiple possibilities to a correct solution. I’m frequently asked “How long should a case study be?” My answer is always “Long enough to respond sufficiently to the problem.” This is usually a mimimum of 1 1/2 to 2 pages double spaced.
I expect you to provide a short summary of the case, a thorough answer of each question at the end of each case study, followed by a brief conclusion. The average case study is one to two pages in length. Please contact me if you have any questions. Remember to proof-read your work prior to turning it in.
Answer the case study questions extensively, using complete sentences containing proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. For example, if you do not know the difference between “their, there, and they’re’, you should refer to a dictionary. If a question contains multiple parts, be sure you answer all that is asked. Follow the link below to access the case studies and submission links.
The case study sufficiently addresses all of the main issues and questions brought up in the case.
The case study is in your own words
Case questions are answered in the discussion section of the case study.
The case study contains a summary of the case
The case study is submitted as Microsoft Word or Rich Text document.
The case study has a college-level rigor
The case study is at least one page in length using 12 font

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