Tokyo OR Hong Kong Choose one of these cities and do the work

| May 20, 2015

Tokyo OR Hong Kong

Choose one of these city and do the planning for the city in the context of climate change and assess what, if any, are the proposed
A short essay on a critical issue
Purpose: To develop research, critical analysis and writing skills
Guidelines: The analysis is to be presented in essay format.
You have to develop a clear research topic on which they will conduct further independent research.

Students are expected to engage critically with their chosen issue and discuss how it affects

planning for cities in the context of climate change and assess what, if any, are the proposed

implementation strategies or outcomes for cities.

You have to discuss the effect of the mitigation and the adaptation in the city the solutions.

1- Mitigation such as conjunction tax, public transport, rebuilt green building, green house in backyards, low carbon city.

2- Adaptation such recycle, get people involved in this by promote them with information, population, identify communities at risk and be prepared – aged, sick, isolated, Adaptation measures to cool heat island effect – landscape, water, natural ventilation.

And you can add more mitigation and adaptation if you like.

Length : No more than 1,500 words

Assessment Criteria (out of 100%):
 Ability to define a clear research topic and explain the central issues clearly

 Ability to engage in independent research as expected at the post graduate level

 Ability to provide critical analysis of research outcomes

 Presenting a logically structured and properly referenced essay (Harvard Style


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