To what extent did the availability of social networking influence the nature and extent of the English Riots of 2011, in comparison with Riots of the 1980's

| April 21, 2014

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Security and Risk Management. Research proposal in regards to this topic will be provided so the dissertation can be based upon that along with the feedback provided on the research proposal. APA referencing. Handbook provided with format details of dissertation will also be provided as scanned images in the messaging area.
I have attached my research proposal named research methods (pdf). This is basically what the dissertation needs to be based on BUT ensure the feedback that is annotated on the research proposal is taken into account and is followed thoroughly.
the file named Sampson.b (pdf) is a MASTERS DISSERTATION which i found on my university portal.Use that as a guidance BUT there are big differences BUT i would like that kind of layout as well as depth.Its up to you if you want to use it as a guidance i thought it would be good if i gave you heads up on what kind of work I’m expecting.
Photo 1 and photo 2 are pictures of my Handbook and there are the guidance on how the dissertation needs to be written accordingly example… Font,Page margin, and page layout.
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