To what extent can bullying lead to school shootings??

| April 19, 2014

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The Topic question can be revised anyway you see fit.
Purpose of the research-Type of research design to study the question-How to collect the data.
Sampling: The target population-Who will be studied- The technique or method used and the rationale of chosen method- How to keep confidentiality for subjects.
Measurement: Identify Independent and Dependent variables- How those variables ope-rationalized and measured- How to analyze the collected data- Questionnaire included.
Limitations: The possible weakness of the method – Reliability and validity- Internal validity of design-External validity of the study.
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What kinds of issues have UK school curriculum policy reviews in the past six years aimed to tackle? Are the changes capable of fulfilling 21st century educational needs and why?
CARD-405 II: B.A.R. (Background, Action(s), Results) Framework


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