To what extend is laptop or tablet a useful tool for a university student

| July 16, 2015

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I’ll give you the further details as files:1,the questionnaire 2, example i ordered last year from here as the same requests of this research 3,a picture of every part of the research and matters need attention
1. tittle page
3.contents page
5.literature review(15-20%)
7.results + discussion(40%)-analysis data from questionnaire in order to be able to answer research question
8.conclusion(incl. limitation)10%-15%
9.reference list
and please try to follow this word percentage style to write;)
In addition,:1,the diagram and discussion is most important part in this research, so discussion should be expanded
2, conclusion should be longer as well
Thank you.
3,plz remember the limitation part
if you have any questions plz dont be hesitated to ask me:) i dont want to request revision all the time.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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