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| July 26, 2015

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This is a post assignment for Entrepreneurship & Innovation course, where we are supposed to reflect the learning in the course on a real life case/project. Basically I don’t want to work from scratch and I need a structure (skeleton) document to update it with my real life project.
The document should cover one of my projects (business) that I’ve started on 2010 (I will amend the document later with the specifics but as I said earlier I need skeleton document) and it was a failure and I had to close the business early this year. The reasons were clear to me after taking this course (basically I didn’t follow any of the methodologies or frameworks as per the attachments… It was a startup developed based on project management methodology which is not practical in the ambiguous business environment).
Please use the attached references to sum up some of the ideas that any startup should focus on while initiating a business (please note that once I receive the paper I will amend it with the specifics).
Please note that the document should be easy to read and straight to the point. Should start with description to the situation (please use any project/startup as a place holder and then I will amend it with my specific case) one of the most important part of the document will be the reflection on the learning’s/ideas/models in the attached documents.
Note: the document is not a synthesis of theories or general ideas without any empirical part or reflection of those ideas.


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