To Blend or Not To Blend

| July 21, 2015

Unit 2 Discussion 1 Question


To Blend or Not To Blend


As a public administrator, it is important to know when we want to stand out as a unique entity and when we want to blend in and be part of a whole. At times, we want our agency to be seen as providing something no one else can, and at other times, we want the community to see us as part of a coherent and unified network. Understanding how and when we want to stand out and when we need to blend with others is a component of maximizing our effectiveness as public administrators.

Using the interactive you viewed earlier, Melting Pot Versus Salad Bowl: What the Experts Say About the Menu, and the peer-reviewed sources you located in the first study, describe situations where a public agency should blend in (melting pot), maintain a distinct cultural identity (salad bowl), or actively embrace and leverage differences (mosaic).

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Culture and Citizenship
Unit 2 Homogeneity And Heterogeneity

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