To benchmark Emirates High Street against 12 leading e-shopping websites. Analyse Email marketing + Web features (promotions + usability) and provide recommendations to enhance EHS performance on both.

| February 12, 2014

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1. Content Analysis:
Content analysis allows you to classify the information you find, and record your results. Please use the comparative approach of content analysis to compare various e-Commerce websites (as outlined in appendix),
Number of pages: up to 10 pages.
2. Registration:
For each of the outlined websites, please register to receive promotions + newsletters. Collate information as follows:
• Note down date of initial subscription.
• Compare the process of subscription across various websites:
o Save subscriptions layout/screenshots.
o Note down usability/friendliness of sign up on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest).
• Any incentive for registering to receive newsletters? Elaborate with examples and screenshots.
Number of pages: collate results in a grid format (up to 15 pages, including screenshots).
3. Research:
Provide consolidated feedback to outline the below:
• Frequency of tactical promotions + newsletters received.
• Type of promotions + newsletter received. Segment based on:
o Seasonality (e.g.: Festive Season, Valentines’ day, etc)
o New Products / New Collection
o % Discounts
o Free delivery
o Gift with purchase
o Others (if any different offer)
• Collate examples for each type of offers and rank on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest).
o Rank in terms of:
. Attractiveness (look n’ feel)
. Usability (user friendliness)
Number of pages: up to 25 pages, including screenshots.
4. Competitor Analysis:
During the 3-month period, analyse your (end-customer) behavior with regards to both email and website:
• Email:
o Compare subject lines.
??Which keywords caught your eye? Compile these keywords.
o Compare newsletter layout (busy versus simple layout).
o Analyse your open-rates, deletion rate, click-through and unsubscribe (if applicable).
• Website:
o Was the transition from email to website coherent? Elaborate.
o Analyse website usability and shopping cart process.
o Analyse order confirmation layout/screen.
??(Not mandatory): In 3 months did any of the websites compel you to complete a purchase? If yes, elaborate on the reasons and detail customer journey life-cycle (from email to website, if applicable) – with screenshots.
Number of pages: collate results in a grid format (up to 10 pages, including screenshots).
5. Recommendations:
With regards to the Emirates High Street, please provide recommendations on what you would do to increase:
• Attractiveness (look and feel)
• Usability (email and website aesthetics), and
• Conversions (purchase activity).
Number of pages: up to 2 pages.
Appendix – 12 leading e-shopping websites *:
• Net a Porter
• Sephora
• Look Fantastic
• Land of Nod
• Children Salon
• Crate and Barrel
• Williams-Sonoma
• Amazon
• Forzieri
Jewellery & Watches:
• Swarovski
• Swatch
Benchmarked against:
Emirates High Street
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