Titus Andronicus

| June 19, 2015





In classical as well as in revenge tragedy, there is generally a moment in which the protagonist experiences a ?recognition? or anagnorisis. When does the title character arrive at such a moment in Titus Andronicus? What does he learn, and how does that knowledge affect his subsequent behavior? Does the play include moments that might be regarded as self-consciously parodying (or ?playing with?) this ?recognition? motif? Support your answer by reference to select lines or scenes.

Please organize your answers to all questions above into a short (700-750 words) but cogent and well-crafted paper. If quoting from the play, follow standard practice and provide specific reference to Act, Scene, and line numbers. For instance, Act 4, Scene 2, lines 152-165 would be 4.2.152-65. Use only sources from the play.

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