Tips on Writing A Case Study Analysis

| June 27, 2020

Tips on Writing A Case Study Analysis

A case study provides facts and real business scenarios concerning certain fields, organizations or specified issues and presents students with an opportunity to identify issues and provide solutions through case study analysis. Therefore, a case study does not only mean giving a summary of the case but it needs to point out key problem issues, give an assessment of possible solutions and courses of action that need to be taken and come to clear conclusions .below we look at some tips that you can employ in coming up with your case study analysis

Read the case study several times

The first step is to gain an understanding of the case presented to you. How do you do this? By reading it several times. Do the first reading to get an idea of what the case is about and then do another reading while taking short notes of the issues that stand out and key problems. Re-read again until you feel that you have grasped all the vital information.  

Focus on identifying key issues

As you go through the case focus on identifying the key issues and come up with a list of as many issues as you can identify. Ask yourself why the issues exist in the organization and where they stem from. Look at the impact that those issues have on the organization and the threat they pose while also looking at who has led to the issues arising.

Work towards coming up with solutions through research

In this section, it is time to delve into your course work to get information that can provide possible solutions to the issues identified. You can also research the information from other sources or use what you have learnt based on your experiences. Talk to your professor or mentor to get an idea of possible solutions. Make use of the world wide web search engines and get your research on from sources that are reliable like journals, company websites and online books. Remember that not all information you get on the internet is accurate and you should carry out due diligence to assess the resources well to ensure that they are legit, hence the recommendation on using journals and sources that have been peer reviewed.

Pick the best solution

Ensure that each issue is resolved using the best possible solution and indicate where you feel that there can be more than one way to resolve the issue. This is done through looking at the solution that has greater supporting evidence, look at whether the solution is realistic and gauge the pros and cons of the solution.

Make a draft of your analysis

Once you have had an understanding of the case, researched and come up with possible solutions to the key issues identified, it is time to come up with your case analysis draft. Put the document together and bring your ideas and thoughts to life so that the reader can follow and flow with the information that you are offering. The format for the draft depends on the instructions and requirements but generally these are the sections that are included. The introduction, background, case evaluation, the proposed solutions, conclusion and recommendations. We will look at each section and the requirements needed to make them complete.


Briefly describe what the case study is about and highlight the key problem areas that you identified. Come up with a thesis statement and give a summary of your analysis in 2-3 sentences. The purpose of the introduction is to give the reader a glimpse of what the document is about in a clear and concise manner and the introduction needs to have the capacity to draw them in and for them to want to know more about what you are discussing.

Background information

At this juncture, you should set the scene of the case study by giving background details, all relevant information and key issues. The problems need to be well researched to indicate to the reader that you understand what you are talking about. Give the references and relevant citations.

Case evaluation

Touch on all the issues about the study that you will be addressing and evaluate them looking at what the problem is give reasons on why you are they are not working by providing a discussion that shows relevance and that you understood the case study. Make a list and take on the issues one at a time on each paragraph so that your paper flows seamlessly and it will ensure that the reader is able to follow your thoughts well.

Proposed solutions and Recommendations

In offering the solutions make sure that you research widely first so that you can offer the best solutions and those that are realistic to the case study. Back your solution with evidence where all your references from research should be highlighted as per the format required in the instructions. Once the solutions have been given it is paramount to provide recommendations on how they will be accomplished and discuss what more can be done to resolve the issues. Propose who should take up the role of implementing the solutions where necessary and where it needs to be specific.


The conclusion provides an overview of your analysis and it is at this juncture that you give the reader an informed summary of the document. It should be short and to the point since details have been discussed in the paper so do not get carried away to start repeating.

Finalizing and Editing the case analysis

Editing of the paper is an important step that should not be overlooked. It is at this point you go back and re-read your entire document checking whether there is flow in the information you have provided. Are your statements clear and concise, is the evidence solid? As you go through the document check on grammar and spelling. Another important thing to note is that you should make sure you do not plagiarize your work and to do this, you can run your document on a plagiarism checker to be sure. Check that all your references are indicated both intext and in the bibliography to ensure that they match and are accurate.




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